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Another reason to like Sweden

Today's headline news is that the country has passed a law giving formally equal rights to same sex couples, including the right to marry in the state church. (The situation was nearly equal de facto anyway, so really the new law is fixing minor technicalities of wording and such, but it's still good progress.) Anyway, this isn't why I like Sweden; no, why I like Sweden is because the (female) leader of the opposition party decided to celebrate by setting up a photo op snogging a woman who's a big shot in one of the gay rights groups. One of the trashy newspapers headlined this with: HOT LESBO KISS celebrates equal marriage law... this refers to two middle-aged, smartly dressed but not conventionally "sexy" female politicians.

In other news, I'm mostly offline at the moment, because cartesiandaemon is visiting, and I am overwhelmed with Pesach prep and other urgent stuff, and because my main computer is dying.
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