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Travelling - Edinburgh

I've had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh, initially at a friend's birthday party, and then hanging out with pseudomonas today.

pseudomonas and I were both pretty tired after a long week, so we ended up leaving the party fairly early and going back to his place. Although we did get a little distracted chatting, we were asleep pretty quickly, and rather amazingly I managed to sleeeeeeep for nearly ten hours. Wow!

I ended up spent today with pseudomonas. Absolutely gorgeous, we continued our long ongoing conversation and were relaxed old friends together.

Also managed to wander round Edinburgh a bit, in a sort of horrified fascination at the level of tackiness achieved by some of the Christmas stuff! We concluded that Edinburgh is much, much better at sqeezing money out of tourists than Oxford. We also popped into the Royal Museum and looked at an exhibition of the history of design from 1850 to the present. The Royal Museum is an absolutely lovely building, which uses space particularly well.

pseudomonas curried some baby aubergines for brillig, and made nan bread to go with it, how talented is that boy?! Also there was foul (which doesn't really go with curry but tastes nice), and we had the most delicious dates for dessert, the enormous fat juicy luxury kind. It's so nice having friends who are good at conversation and can cook really well.
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