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Dreamwidth posts 3 - 10 May

Comments disabled on LJ, as I want to keep all the discussion in one place. Please comment at DW using OpenID. I have a couple of spare invite codes if anyone still needs, and my offer of buying paid time for people whom I know and actually plan to use the site still stands. PM me here or at DW or comment on a DW post if you're interested.

  • Naked cuteness fight!

    I appear to have run out of sense. I managed to get into an Internet Argument. About Christianity and abortion. With someone I have promised myself…

  • Macro

    For cartesiandaemon who blogged about it and redaloud whose curiosity was piqued: It's not a great picture, as the…

  • Swedish false friends

    There aren't very many false friends in Swedish. Or at least, few that aren't transparent with a knowledge of Scots and German. But most English…

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