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Dreamwidth posts 11 - 17 May

If you don't have access to my locked posts on DW, and you'd like to, let me know. Comments screened on this post because I don't want to discuss things here, but I do need to sort out practical aspects of letting you read locked stuff. If you have a DW account that I don't know about, or if you use OpenID there, and you can't see my locked posts but want to, please tell me which account I should add to my access list! (If you refuse to go near DW to be able to read my locked stuff, that's totally up to you, of course. This post isn't very interesting, it's just work whining, and in general my locked posts are those that discuss work in detail or very occasionally family medical stuff, so you're not missing much.)

I have more invite codes than I can use just now. I'm hoping we've got past the stage where DW feels like a horrible elitist club that only the cool kids can join, and that everyone who wants an account already has one. But if you have changed your mind, let me have an email address and I'll happily send you an invite. And yes, this offer includes random people who just happened to surf past this largely abandoned journal. I think I've donated paid time to everyone I know who is active on DW and doesn't have a paid account already, but I still aim to buy six x six months of time further. So if you'd like to try out paid time, apply here!

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