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Dreamwidth posts 3 – 25 July

I do apologize for letting this get so long, both in number of posts and in time-period; I completely forgot about cross-posting to LJ while I was travelling. I'll do my best to get back into the habit again. Anyway, please comment at Dreamwidth, and don't blame the site because I am dopey about it.

  • Full

    So this weekend I went to two synagogue services (in two different cities) and one church service, and I had a quiet going out for lunch and talking…

  • Interfaith

    I think of myself very much as someone who does interfaith, but I haven't really had any opportunities for it for ages. And then two came along at…

  • Climbing

    So my OSOs' middle kid is about to turn 8 and she very emphatically wanted to continue the nascent tradition from last year that I'd take her out…

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