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Dreamwidth posts 9 - 30 Jan

Please comment at Dreamwidth, either using your LJ username as an OpenID, or just type your name on an anon comment. Now I have real internet I plan to return to my original scheme of doing these sets of links weekly rather than irregularly, but that depends if I actually create any content to tell you about.

  • Social

    I've had a good month for seeing friends I don't spend time with often enough. I managed long phone chats with hatam_soferet and…

  • Aesthetic judgement

    So my link to Ann Leckie's piece on liking things that are in some sense not "good" has lead to a really interesting discussion. I'd like to pull up…

  • Down with geography

    So last weekend I had the most brilliant time: two of my friends who live in the wrong continents were visiting, and in between I got to spend time…

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