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Dreamwidth posts 9 - 30 Jan

Please comment at Dreamwidth, either using your LJ username as an OpenID, or just type your name on an anon comment. Now I have real internet I plan to return to my original scheme of doing these sets of links weekly rather than irregularly, but that depends if I actually create any content to tell you about.

  • Mishaps

    cjwatson is working in The Hague for a bit, and since it overlaps with half term Ghoti was able to take all their children to join him. And…

  • I went to Budapest

    ghoti planned us a group trip to Budapest, all of us, her three children and four partners. Which to me sounds like a terrifying amount…

  • At the last minute

    Next week I'm travelling to Hungary, a country I've never visited before. We (well, mostly ghoti) planned the essential bits, the travel…

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