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Dreamwidth posts 9 - 30 Jan

Please comment at Dreamwidth, either using your LJ username as an OpenID, or just type your name on an anon comment. Now I have real internet I plan to return to my original scheme of doing these sets of links weekly rather than irregularly, but that depends if I actually create any content to tell you about.

  • Full

    So this weekend I went to two synagogue services (in two different cities) and one church service, and I had a quiet going out for lunch and talking…

  • Climbing

    So my OSOs' middle kid is about to turn 8 and she very emphatically wanted to continue the nascent tradition from last year that I'd take her out…

  • Catching up

    Things that are awesome: It's spring, and we used our barbecue set and our garden to have a spontaneous BBQ just because. And before it we played…

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