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Dreamwidth posts 25 March - 22 April

Please comment at Dreamwidth. You can either use your LJ username as an OpenID, or just write your name on an anonymous comment. (Sorry for not updating for most of a month, but I was travelling for half that time, so it's a mix of being very talkative and disappearing for a week or so.)

  • Reindeer!

    I'm just sorting through the very small number of photos I actually got round to taking when we were exploring the far north of Sweden. They are…

  • Naked cuteness fight!

    I appear to have run out of sense. I managed to get into an Internet Argument. About Christianity and abortion. With someone I have promised myself…

  • Macro

    For cartesiandaemon who blogged about it and redaloud whose curiosity was piqued: It's not a great picture, as the…

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