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pseudomonas came here for shabbat, which was lovely. Very few of my friends live near enough just to drop by spontaneously, and even when they do live near, either they or I or both are almost always too busy to do anything that isn't planned in advance to fit in with the rest of our lives. So a real treat!

Since it was a miserable day, we spent it sitting chatting. And since it was (and indeed still is) chanukah, pseudomonas made latkes for me. I am always seriously touched when anyone is prepared to fry things for me, because my mother absolutely refuses on principle to deep fry under any circumstances. So for me, home made deep fried food is associated with an extra special treat, because the only time I ever had it as a child was when my grandmother used to make a kind of fritters she called 'pamps' (I have never heard the word anywhere else).

I was supposed to be asleep at least an hour ago, but I got distracted writing a review of The Anubis Gates, while talking to loreid on messenger. She gave me such a lovely compliment that I had to hide under the desk for blushing so much. That just about rounded off a delightful day. I love my friends, as I have often commented.
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