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Seeing lots of cool people in London

Work is sending me on a course in London next month, and I've arranged things so I can have a few days in the metropolis. Would anyone like to get together between Friday 18th November and Wednesday 23rd? And can anyone offer me crash space for some of that time? I should mention that [personal profile] jack isn't going to be around for most of the weekend, so if you have a preference for seeing me sans partner, this is probably a good time to speak up.

Friday evening 18th November: I'll probably end up getting the last train, which means I can do the service here and then travel after that. That means getting in to central London at about 10:30 pm. Would anyone be willing to put me up Friday night, on the understanding that I'll be getting in fairly late? (Coming up at a somewhat more civilized time is an option, though I'd be letting my community down mildly; coming up on Saturday morning is also very doable if nobody wants a late-arriving guest.)

Saturday 19th November: anyone want to invite me to their shul? lethargic_man? [personal profile] kerrypolka? [personal profile] hadassah (well, I know you don't really have a regular shul, but wherever you end up on that particular weekend?) I'm rather itching for an opportunity to be a participant rather than an organizer, and I know some of you have some pretty exciting communities.

Saturday evening: any exciting parties going on? I'm equally interested in just spending the afternoon and evening hanging out with lovely people, but some people disapprove of doing that sort of low-key socializing on Saturday night. And it's fairly rare for me to be in town and have a Saturday night / Sunday pair free! Also I would appreciate crash space Saturday night, ideally with someone I'm also spending Saturday evening with, so that I don't end up just showing up in order to go straight to bed, because that's not very sociable.

Sunday 20th: anyone want to do something cultural? Museums or exhibitions, perhaps, because I doubt it will be warm enough by then for anything very outdoorsy. I'm willing to be convinced, though!

Sunday evening: I think I'll probably park myself in the Pembury and drink tasty tasty beer. Would be lovely to see / play boardgames with any of the Pembury crowd! And this plan would be helped if I can find somewhere to stay in North-East London Sunday night.

Monday 21st: [personal profile] jack may be able to join me for part of the day (but doesn't need crash space). I realize that most people are going to be working on Monday, but some of you are students / freelancers, and in any case it might be possible to grab lunch together or something. I'm thinking maybe about shopping; it's possibly close enough to Christmas that this is actually a terrible idea, but.

I'd be happy to go out to dinner Monday and or Tuesday evening, though I appreciate midweek isn't always ideal.

Can anyone offer crash space Monday and Tuesday night? The course is in Tooting again, so the best possible arrangement would be somewhere within reasonable travelling distance of there. But if that's not doable, I'd just as rather get to see people even if it means doing the dreaded London rush hour commute thing for a couple of days.

Wednesday 23rd: I do need to catch a train home not too late, but if it works logistically, I could perhaps meet someone for an early supper somewhere fairly close to the city centre?

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