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As I mentioned, lovely darcydodo made me some gorgeous icons for my birthday. And then I was inspired by her example to make a few of my own. So here they all are:

Darcy's first:
  • A lovely shelf of books for when I'm discussing books.
  • A very clever and slightly geeky joke icon centring around tea; I couldn't resist it even though I have a teapot icon already!
  • And finally, some beautiful lettering, just for general ogling. Darcy originally made two different icons for me to choose from, but I was too indecisive so asked her to combine them into one.
And then mine, which are not nearly as good, though greatly improved by advice from Darcy:
  • A ewe for my name sigil, cos I've been meaning to do that for ages.
  • And then I wanted an icon for talking about Jewish stuff, and came up with this one. Cos I didn't want some cliché like a menorah. The Hebrew snippet in the middle is the opening of Deuteronomy: These are the words. It's slightly riffed off rysmiel's words words words icon, hence the keyword choice. But I'm hesitating over that particular aspect of it.

Suggestions, comments, advice welcome as always. I've linked directly to the images on the LJ server, cos I can't be bothered to host them on my site right now. Now I'll have to see whether I need these enough to justify continuing to pay for LJ once my support windfall runs out.
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