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Reading Wednesday

Recently read
  • [personal profile] kaberett linked to Double, double, by Alicorn. It's a sweet, perhaps too sweet, story about two witches both promised the same firstborn child.
  • rysmiel pointed me to the most adorable wordless story, which I've been showing to everybody: GODZILLA MOMMA CARRYING LIKE A HUNDRED LIZARD BABIES ON HER BACK FOR TAKE YOUR CHILD (lizard) TO WORK DAY by [ profile] iguanamouth. The Tumblr in question has a very brightly coloured and slightly animated background, just so you know.

    Panel 1: A round red sun shines a tranquil sea with boats. There are a few bubbles in the middle.
    Panel 2: Same scene, a small lizard head pokes above the water surface.
    Panel 3: The head of a huge monster lizard emerges, with the baby lizard from the previous panel riding on the crown of its head and two other baby lizards climbing on her head. The boats flee.
    Panel 4: Godzilla's torso rises out of the water, pointing to a cityscape with skyscrapers. There are baby lizards all over her back.
    Panel 5: Godzilla and the tiny lizards are in Tokyo, with the monster towering over the skyscrapers. She has a speech bubble with a picture of smashed and smoking tower. She holds one of the baby lizards in her huge claws. Baby lizards on her back have speech bubbles with pictures of fighting a velociraptor, and a butterfly.
    Panel 6: Close-up of the baby lizard in Godzilla's claws. It has the same speech bubble of a smoking, smashed tower with a question mark, and an unsure expression on its face.
    Panel 7: Baby lizard, balanced on Godzilla's claw, hits the side of one of the skyscrapers with its head, and the glass smashes.
    Panel 8: Baby lizard turns round to look at Godzilla, with a grin on its face and one paw on its head.
    Panel 9: Zooming back out, we see Godzilla towering over Tokyo, with the round red sun and a helicopter in the sky. She's full face on to the viewer, grinning broadly, with baby lizards with various happy or alarmed expressions all over her back. One baby in the middle of her head stands up and gives a fist-pump.

  • Much less cute, but worth reading: It brought us all together by Marissa Lingen. It's about people's reactions to a SFnal plague, a lot of psychological realism with subtle world-building in the background.

Currently reading: Lady of mazes by Karl Schroeder. I'm enjoying it really a lot. It's sort of doing that slightly clichéd thing of whether it's better to have safety or freedom, but it's also got some really interesting world-building exploring post-human civilizations, with some very nice characterization and plenty of exciting plot.

Up next: I don't know. I think I should maybe stop answering this question as I'm pretty rarely right about what I'll pick up next; I often don't decide until I find out where I physically am and what's available when I finish what I'm currently reading. I'm thinking of trying out the Your Blue-eyed Boys Captain America fanfic that people have been raving about, even though I'm not terribly into the canon; does anyone have a reading guide?

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