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Potential birthday plan

I have some small but extremely personally important connections to Hengrave Hall, which I visited once or twice a year from 1988 to to 2005 when the religious community based there had to close down due to lack of funds. And [personal profile] sunflowerinrain drew my attention to the fact that there is a film about the musical history of Hengrave. I really want to see this film, though on closer inspection it turns out that it's not filmed on location, it has Kentwell Hall (a place I know several of you have connections) playing the role of Hengrave.

But it's a tiny little indie film and none of the showings were in reasonable times or locations. So what I'm thinking of is seeing if I can bring it to the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse using this crowd-funding site (thanks to bugshaw for finding that for me). The idea of OurScreen is that if you can get enough people to pledge to buy tickets, it's worth the cinema's while to screen something that wouldn't otherwise be on their schedule. If you don't find enough pledges, everybody gets their money back.

What I'd really like would be to have a custom showing of Draw on sweet night for my birthday, which this year is a Sunday, 27th December. It's going to be fiddly, because in order to make it happen I have to persuade Capriol films to sign up with OurScreen, and then get enough pledges so that the cinema agree to show the film. So I'm starting out by gauging interest here. I realize that the middle of Christmas is a bad time for lots of people, but I don't think we'd need huge numbers, range of 20-30 tickets I think.

I reckon that even if you don't care about Hengrave, a film with sex and madrigals might be a draw. The story sounds a bit melodramatic, but the music is authentic and they've got some good early music groups involved in performing them. Polls don't cross-post well, so LJ people, please either come over to DW and vote using OpenID, or explain your views in the comments. When I ask for commitments, I don't mean absolute unbreakable promises, I understand that emergencies happen, but in order to do this thing I'm going to need a couple of dozen people who will actually put the date in their diaries and expect to show up on 27th in most normal circumstances. And I'm going to need to know this at least somewhat in advance so that I can actually organize things.

I prefer comments at Dreamwidth. There are currently comment count unavailable comments there. You can use your LJ address as an OpenID, or just write your name.
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