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Diary: Generalizations are almost always bad

I've had a lovely couple of days in Edinburgh, mainly at a cancer conference but with some other fun stuff thrown in as well. loreid was visiting pseudomonas, by a happy chance, so I was able to see both of them.

Lots and lots of fun conversation. We decided to draw up a schema to classify idiots, sorting them into three broad classes (a particular idiot can be in more than one class). Namely, people who don't understand the consequences of actions; people who don't understand the connections between facts; and people who are unaware of anything outside their own narrow sphere of experience. loreid named them 'careless', 'illogical' and 'blinkered'. Very nice.

And my lovely friends made me feel a lot better about something that has been getting to me recently. pseudomonas made PIE (you could tell, cos he wrote PIE on it in letters of pastry, how cool is that?!)

Conference was cool, I learnt a lot, and got an idea for some experiments that may be very useful to me. They fed us tolerably well too; vegetarian options were less than brilliant, but some very good desserts to make up for it.

And then I rounded it off by going to Glasgow for a summing up meeting discussing the interfaith conference I helped to organize back in December (which I'd link to, only I haven't got round to blogging it yet, bad me). That involved very tasty food indeed, due to money being left over from the budget which we had to spend in order to be assured of funding next year. And then everybody is surprised when the bureaucracy wastes money... anyway, it was delicious. I had salmon with orange and coriander cream sauce. And we did have a productive discussion but it was also fun and companionable. Definitely the best sort of committee meeting.

Now I need to go and meet lethargic_man who is coming up for the weekend. And doseybat and compilerbitch are joining us on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to another weekend of fun conversations with excellent people.

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