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Christmas etc games
Tuesday, 12 January 2016 at 12:00 am

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Over the present-giving season we (that is me and my partners and my OSOs' kids) gave and acquired lots and lots of new games as presents, so I shall try to write not too extensive reviews of some of the ones we've played.

Besides that we've been rediscovering some classic games with having a bit more time lately.
Also early this week the OSOs and their littles joined me for a late lunch while I was working from home, and we played a couple of small games they'd acquired from a home ed resource swap. Klopf klopf klopf, which is a slightly brain-twisting memory / recognition game where one player knocks out a pattern and you have to rapidly grab the card that matches the pattern from a set that are all really similar. Andreas I think was basically playing randomly, but Judith got the hang of it in a really visible click moment, when she figured out that if she mentally rehearses the pattern, she can easily spot the match. That's such a valuable skill for lots of things beyond playing silly kids' games, I'm deeply impressed.

And King Toad, which is a very simple play the cards in sequence game but just exactly the right amount of silly. Basically if you can't play in sequence, you play a Toad wild card, and then you have to ribbit and stick your tongue out the number of times corresponding to the next number you want played. I often don't like games designed by adults to help children to be silly, but that one works well.

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