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More backdated reviews

Comments on The Silmarillion and Use of Weapons are now up. That's about me up to date for this month, I think.
Not much new on the diary front. I did a repeat run of the lecture on Judasim I gave last term, this time out in Forfar. This audience was both smaller and kinder than last time, but I think on the whole it was successful. I was sharing the stage with a Sikh speaker, and learnt loads about Sikhism. I have to say, the more I learn about it the more I feel drawn to it, as a religion. All good fun.

Went to J&J for Friday night last night. LC and her bloke, and RB were also there, and it was generally lovely. J&J really have a feeling for the shabbat atmosphere, and their older boy B is just starting to get the hang of what's going on. It's really wonderful to welcome the Sabbath with them, in a proper family. Not that I mind celebrating with students and friends, but there's something very special about going to J&J's. And Mrs J made a really wonderful meal, including home-made challah and many other yummy things.

B is the most incredible child: his favourite bedtime story at the moment is An illustrated social history of Britain's railways... He's learning to talk very, very slowly, but he is making noticeable progress. The little one is still too little to be interesting, but hey, he'll grow.

As for today, it's been sleety and horrible all day, so I stayed in and played on LJ, and did fun things with aubergines. Have stressful week ahead, with a lab meeting plus a meeting with the Überboss. But after Tuesday I might be able to breathe a bit.

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