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Reading (links) Wednesday, 21/09

Recently read: Lots of good stuff!
  • Fiction-wise, this lovely scene of life in a really vivid version of CS Lewis' Calormen: Not a Tame Lion, by [personal profile] sovay.

  • On the political side, a really great discussion about disabling attitudes chez [personal profile] jesse_the_k, bouncing off a link from the always brilliant Dave Hingsburger: The Initial Pain of Acquired Disability. I'm reminded of a metaphor which compared disability to loss of parents. Even if it's a bad thing (which not all disability activists would accept), it's made far worse by people constantly making a big fuss about it, even years after the event, and avoiding you because they don't want to be reminded that they might lose their parents one day, and excluding you from many businesses and job opportunities because it's assumed that orphans are just too Tragic to participate in society.

  • Gaming and linguistics: I adore this long guide to pronouncing the names of the characters in the new Kaladesh Magic: The Gathering set, by [ profile] talinthas. Partly because it's a really good and accessible intro to the phonology of Indic languages and discusses issues of transliteration, and partly cos I'm already kind of in love with Kaladesh and its Indian steampunk aesthetic, just from seeing Tumblr posts about it. Though note that [ profile] talinthas is also pretty disappointed by Kaladesh and its attempt to incorporate Indian culture.

  • Education: You know those books that try to teach children about infinities? There's a horrifyingly garish version by one Richard Evan Schwartz which is available online: The infinite farm

  • Education again: [personal profile] alatefeline wrote a great post about consent teaching with very young children. Again, great discussion in the comments. I found it very moving, partly because I think my uninformed expectation would be that excluding is morally bad and children should in fact be reprimanded for it and expected to apologize, but [personal profile] alatefeline reframes the social dynamics in a very different way by making it about consent. And I really like how clear the discussion is about accepting negative emotions; I think in my generation it was quite common for children to be told implicitly or even directly that it's wrong to be sad, angry etc, and I'm really heartened to see educational paradigms moving away from that.

Currently reading: still A time of gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor and Sisterhood by Penelope Friday, but in practice I haven't been reading much this week, I've been spending time with [personal profile] doseybat and pyrokaren.

Up next: I've got to the stage where it's halfway through Elul and I haven't written any High Holy Days sermons or learned any Torah readings yet, so most probably material for that.

I'm considering picking up Hilary Mantel's contemporary Beyond Black as my book with a color in the title for my reading challenge, since it's been waiting on my shelves for ages.

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