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Shuffle meme

My wonderful girlfriend made a romantic dinner just for us, basically taking lots of food that I really like such as mushrooms, parsnip, chestnuts and making them into really exciting dishes. And she made me these amazing quilted coasters with teacups on them, having never done quilting before. So my anniversary present to celebrate two years together was something she made based on her major talent, and something she made based on learning a completely new skill. I feel so incredibly loved!

ghoti also posted one of those memes where you shuffle your entire music library and use it as a kind of mini-oracle. I had a go at it and got nothing very striking, but passing on memes is fun, so:

  1. Will I get far in life?
    Cat Power: Colors and the kids
    I could stay here
    Become someone different
    I could stay here
    Become someone better

  2. How do my friends see me?
    Bow Wow Wow: I want candy

    Well, I certainly have a sweet tooth, and I am generally known to like sex with hot guys...

  3. Where will I get married? What song represents your wedding? [so it's still applicable to people who are already married]
    Apoptygma Berzerk: Burning heretics

    Oh dear. I really hope not!

  4. What is my best friend’s theme song?

  5. Hurts: Blood tears and gold

    This is blatantly a break-up song, I can't take it out of context to mean anything else, and while some of my closest friends have endured major break-ups, this is too miserable and hate-filled to be anyone's theme song. (If I use my reroll on this one I get FR/Action: Partners in crime, which is at least about friendship.)

  6. What is the story of my life?
    Kris Drever: Patrick Spence

    Um. This is a song about person who is tricked into being a mariner despite having no relevant skills and ends up in a shipwreck. I really hope the story of my life is nothing at all like that!

  7. What was high school like?
    Belle and Sebastien: There's too much love
    I've been hanging out here waiting for something to start
    OK. Belle & Sebastien songs are basically all about being a teenager, so this mostly fits.

  8. How can I get ahead in life?
    De/Vision: You are the one
    We're the stars in our own world
    Unaffected by time
    Probably too much of a love song to be the answer to this question but I quite like the notion.

  9. What is the best thing about me?
    Altan: Donal agus morag

    This song is in Irish and I have absolutely no idea what it's about. The tune sounds vaguely cheerful, but that's not much of a guide with Irish folk songs.

  10. How is today tomorrow going to be? [Did the meme in the evening, so a future prediction seemed more useful]
    Emile Simon: Désert
    Dans la nuit parfois, le nez à la fenêtre
    Je t'attends et je sombre

    ['Sometimes at night, nose to the window, I wait for you sadly']
    This is possibly a break-up song too, but it could be a song about how annoying geography is, and I probably will miss my loves tomorrow.

  11. What is in store for this weekend?
    Men At Work: Land Downunder
    Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover
    Land Downunder is a deeply silly song, but perhaps it's just telling me to prepare for bad weather, which seems reasonable in mid-November.

  12. What song describes my parents?
    Was (Not Was): Shake your head

    I am very very fond of this song, but it's mostly a list of things that can't be done (so we should have sex instead). So not very related to my parents at all; they are very practical people and more inclined to the 'I will find a way or I will make one' school of thought than this sort of thing. I think Mum may even have used the aphorism 'there's no such word as can't' on occasion.

  13. My grandparents?
    Seafood: Signal sparks
    There's nothing to be scared of
    There's nothing here to fear
    One of these songs where I'm not entirely sure what it means, but the idea of determination to keep on living and not to succumb to fear seems mostly appropriate.

  14. How is my life going?
    The Weakerthans: Diagnosis
    The diagnosis of a foreign frame of heart
    I'm not actually this miserable, but I definitely am one of those nasty cosmopolitan types who thinks of myself as a citizen of the world, which is out of favour in these nationalist times.

  15. What song will they play at my funeral?
    Bowling For Soup: A friendly goodbye

    IRL songs will not be played at my funeral because I am very much hoping to have a Jewish funeral, and in our tradition instrumental music is for joyful occasions, not funerals. But I have to admit this one would be pretty hilarious if I were so inclined.

  16. How does the world see me?
    The Eighteenth Day of May: Dawn

    This is one of the very small number of instrumental tracks in my main shuffle library. Your guess is as good as mine.

  17. Will I have a happy life?
    Tim Hardy & Maddy Prior: The ploughboy and the cockney

    This is almost as bad as Sir Patrick Spence; it's about a young man who goes to the big city and gets in a fight over a girl. So I kind of hope not.

  18. What do my friends really think of me?
    Poly Styrene: Kitsch

    I can live with that.

  19. Do people secretly lust after me?
    Taken By Trees: Lost and found
    My friend said cheer up, it was high time
    But can't you see I'm lovesick?
    I need a cure so bring it real quick
    Willing to take that as a yes ;-)

  20. How can I make myself happy?
    The White Stripes: Prickly thorn but sweetly worn

    OK, this is one of the most lyrically obscure songs in my library and it has some stiff competition. So I really have no idea.

  21. What should I do with my life?
    Editors: Lights
    If fortune favors the brave
    I am as poor as they come
    Maybe I need a prod from a randomizer to be more brave. Maybe maybe.

  22. Will I ever have children?
    Alison Krauss: Borderline
    And when you cross over there's no turning back
    Once that burning bridge is gone
    So you're on your own lookin' down the road that goes only by one name
    Not as firm a no as I was hoping for, but I'll take what I can get.

  23. What is some good advice?
    Poe: Fingertips
    I know I'm just a fool
    'Cause they're writing all the rules
    This is probably a song about falling in lust unwisely, but I think "they're writing all the rules" is a reminder I can use lately.

  24. What is my signature dancing song?
    GZA/Genius: On the eve of war

    I like this song a lot but it's too hiphop for me to know how to dance to.

  25. What do I think my current theme song is?
    Edith Piaf: Les amants d'un jour / Just one day

    Love isn't much of a bulwark against a world that hates you, but it's still worth celebrating? That's a theme that I do admit is in my mind lately, but I don't think it's quite dominant.

  26. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    His Name Is Alive: I can see a lot of light in you

    This otoh is lovely, I really hope that everybody who knows me is this much more optimistic than I am and sees good things about me and the world.

  27. What type of men/women do I like?
    Cowboy Junkies: I don't get it

    .... Thanks, shuffle. Thanks a bunch.

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