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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 at 09:14 pm

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I'm really enjoying the resurgence of people doing little potted summaries of what goes on in their day-to-day lives, so I think I might give that a go.

Reading: The invisible library by Genevieve Cogman. This was a present from Ghoti, and it was pointed out that with a name like that Cogman really ought to be writing steampunk, but in fact this is more like urban fantasy. I have read a couple of chapters and I am already in love with the premise of a librarian-magician-spy travelling between parallel worlds to steal rare books.

Social: Food: Nothing much, I'm finding myself completely unmotivated by cooking lately. I managed a cheesy mushroom pasta bake for my date with Ghoti, but other than that I'm mostly living on whatever can be prepared with minimal effort.

Watching: I wanted to watch a film with Ghoti but all our futuristic mechanisms of instantly hiring what we wanted to see failed, so we ended up watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. I didn't really do it justice by grabbing a random episode in the middle of the seventh season, but it seemed like a pleasant and not too cringey sitcom, so I might get round to watching more of it.

Listening: I'm beginning to pick up bits of Christmas choral stuff on Radio 3 and Spotify, but other than that nothing much stands out.

Nuisance: Anyway, term ends Friday, I'm heading back to Cambridge for a full three week block, and I am looking forward to Blue Christmas and Christmas and Chanukah and just relaxing with my people without any more travelling for a while.

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