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Boring update

Let's see. I joined Orkut, partly cos I'm a sucker for networking stuff like that, but mainly because I haven't been able to say no to darcydodo for five years, so I'm not going to start now. Is cute, nicer interface than Friendster and more flexibility about how much information you want to reveal. As usual I'm posting this instead of sending out invitations, because I think it's less intrusive. So if you're on the system, and want to friend me, that would be cool. And if you want to join but need an invite, comment and let me know so I can invite you.

I've created a second account under the name 'Livre D'or' (it won't let me spell it properly, which is kind of odd; plenty of people with particles in their real surnames spell them with lower case letters, but anyway). So if you read this, but don't know me well enough to know my real name, you can friend that account instead. I've done this for two reasons: firstly, because I don't want my real name to be connected to this journal, and secondly because I don't really feel I can vouch for people I just happen to have encountered via LJ. The second is probably taking the system way too seriously, but hey.

I got a valentine from an old flame today, which threw me slightly, but it was a sweet gesture. Anyway, happy Valentine's Day to everyone who cares about it.

In my own sad way, I'm kind of chuffed that I got promoted in the LJ support ranks. One consequence of this is that I have access to the discussions where senior volunteers talk about junior volunteers. I'm not at all the kind of person that can resist going back and finding out what's been said about me; I was very amused to discover considerable speculation about my gender. I don't know why I should be so pleased about this, actually; it's not exactly as if I'm hiding the fact that I'm female, much less that I have any desire at all to be male. But anyway.

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