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Change your LJ password!

I have seen pretty good evidence that a bad actor has all the logins and password details from LiveJournal, including old, deactivated passwords and including accounts that have been deleted.

Change your LJ password now.

If you use that password anywhere else, change it there too. A really nasty blackmail spammer has it, and I find it credible that This isn't a series of lucky guess. This is inside information, either from someone at LJ sniffing passwords when you login or some serious breach of security from outside.

I probably should in fact delete my LJ. I am happier since I stopped posting here just over a year ago, and the number of friends I have left who post regularly here and not to DW or other blogs is so small I probably might as well just add the RSS to a feed reader. I think it's down to owlfish, woodpijn and atreic. I do care about you three and I don't want to miss your locked posts, so eh, maybe I should stick around.

But anyway, it seemed worthwhile to post a warning.
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