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Brief summary

I've had a fun week, in many ways. Dinner chez LC on Sunday evening, which was lovely. Chevruta with hatam_soferet made me very happy. I also had a lovely IM conversation with darcydodo, and a particularly friendly day at work. On the downside, I only got about 3 days work done last week, for various reasons, and I also managed to mix up dates in a particularly unfortunate way.

Then I had an even more fun weekend chez lethargic_man's parents in Newcastle. Lots of things were good about it, but getting to play in the snow was the highlight.

I also watched Délicatessen while I was there, so I will need to write a review of that soon.

This week is going to be manic, mainly due to preparing for purim, which we've decided is going to be huge, but without really making any concrete plans as to how a whole weekend of celebrations is going to happen. Apart from that I've a lot of experimental work to get through, plus a meeting with the Überboss, and I'm a bit behind generally. So I might not have much time to write about all these things I want to write about!

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