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5 minutes of fame!

My lovely colleague FMZ has procured tickets for both of us to be in the audience of Question Time tomorrow evening! I've no idea whether we'll actually get much airtime, but if you care and want to watch it's at 10.30 pm tomorrow (Thursday) on BBC1. I believe you can also watch the programme online from the BBC site during the week after broadcast. Alternatively or as well, I'd welcome suggestions in the comments of possible questions I can pose to a handful of random politicians with vaguely Scottish connections.

Getting a place on the show is kind of a weird procedure; it involved a phone interview including questions like 'Do you have any sort of disability or ethnicity? I take it no, you sound white.' *splutter*

I've also just got back from an interesting trip to Dublin. The short version is that I very much enjoyed getting to see NZ, who is her usual bouncy self. And I enjoyed spending the evening with pseudomonas in Edinburgh on the way back. And before the Dublin adventure I had a really really lovely weekend with lethargic_man, and we spent some time with LC as well as in eachother's company.

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