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Travelling: Aberdeen

Last weekend, lethargic_man came to visit. It was ever so nice to see him!

My usual weekend is Friday - Saturday, rather than Saturday - Sunday, but on this occasion we'd ended up with a conventional weekend. So lethargic_man arrived on Friday evening, when it must be said I wasn't as organized as I might have been.

I was also so tired that when lethargic_man said something mildly critical at the wrong moment I ended up bursting into tears. I really hate myself when I do things like that; still, lethargic_man was really lovely about it and charitably put my uncharacteristic lapse down to PhD stress. The truth is that work is going very well right now; the real problem is that it's getting to the point where it's at the expense of everything else. Anyway, you can see from this incident that I really needed a relaxing weekend in good company, which is indeed what I got!

Saturday we had a fairly relaxing morning, and then LC came to lunch. It was really lovely to see her again (she's been on placements in England for the past couple of months), and to catch up and generally enjoy her company. And also to introduce her to lethargic_man finally; up till now she's managed to be away every single time he's come to Dundee. LC is still not engaged (a bit like Aragorn is still not king!), but otherwise doing very well.

Then Sunday lethargic_man and I went to Aberdeen. He's already written a lovely account of the trip, with illustrations noch, and I'm not sure I have much to add to that. Let's see. The train journey up to Aberdeen is very pretty; a thoroughly underrated part of the countryside. Aberdeen itself is, what can I say? Not a bad place for a day trip, having some quite cool architecture and interesting museums, but nothing wildly exciting. It's also significantly industrial; I haven't visited very many British towns where there is currently active industry, as opposed to the remnants of former industry. Productive industry is obviously a good thing, but doesn't really make for prettiness.

We happened to arrive in the town just as a parade of 'civic dignitaries' was processing from the town hall to the church, so that was quite fun. I was rather taken with the mixture of military people, academics in gowns, mayoral types in other kinds of gowns, people in kilts and people in business suits. The problem with our itinerary was that most of the stuff we wanted to see was only open in the afternoon, so we had rather more time than we needed in the morning to wander round the city and get a general impression, and rather less time than we needed in the afternoon to visit three museums. Still, it was fun, and the wandering around bit was enhanced by watching lethargic_man having fun with his new toy digital camera!

Well, that was a pretty educational weekend, in the most fun possible sense of educational!

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