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Music: The War of the Worlds musical

Information about the musical

Verdict: Fun, though it didn't really grab me.

Reasons for listening to it / how it came into my hands: lethargic_man lent it to me.

The concept of a musical version of The War of the Worlds is a very cool one. Bearing in mind I've not read the original book, I have to say I found the story slightly silly. But it's well done, and presents quite a few engaging characters.

As for the music itself, I did like the themes that keep repeating throughout the musical, for example the weird whistling that represents the Martians. It was generally very effective at creating a sense of atmosphere, while working well on a more abstract, musical level. But the actual songs are not the sort of memorable or catchy musical numbers that I would hope for. It's a bit weird the way that the songs actually advance the narrative; I'm more used to the idea that the narration tells the story, and then the songs are fitted into that. Thunderchild in particular comes across as slightly silly because of the way the singer tells the audience what is going on. Forever Autumn is rather a sweet song, though.

The opening song The chances of anything coming from Mars surprised me because my brothers always sing bits of it to make the point that it's silly to discuss how improbable something is if it's already happened. And I didn't know that it came from this musical.

Anyway, yeah, that was interesting, and rather different from any music I normally listen to.

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