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Travelling: Oxford (part 2)

OK, so following on from my recent post, here are more reasons why I had a wonderful weekend:

Hanging out in the Ashmolean with hatam_soferet and lethargic_man (and DL briefly). lethargic_man is a particularly good person to explore Antiquities with, since he knows a lot about Roman Britain and Roman archaeology. And since it was his first time there, he was most touchingly impressed to spot all the random Jewish stuff.

Getting to spend a bit of quality time with New A, so that we could actually chat properly, in addition to the Friday night meal, which was delightful but he was busy hosting and there were a lot of people there.

Finding books for the Thuggish Poet's birthday; how intimidating to be asked for modern novels by someone who's just finished an English degree! Apparently he hasn't read anything written since 1920 in months, and wanted me to give him an introduction to what's hot on the contemporary literary scene. So we went to Waterstones and took advantage of their 3-for-2 offer on stuff that they'd selected as being happening. In the end I came up with: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Life of Pi, both of which I've heard very good things about though not read myself, and The Handmaid's Tale, the last being lethargic_man's suggestion. Thuggish Poet also wanted some popular science, claiming that the only example he's read is Jared Diamond. I chose the new edition of Steve Jones' The Language of the Genes, since not only I've read it and know it's extremely good, but also I feel I can be the most use to Thuggish Poet by choosing him something bioscience related. Also a very fun discussion with Thuggish Poet and his girlfriend about the way literature is gendered and the differences if you consider highbrow or just popular stuff.

Midnight in G&Ds and realizing that everyone that I'd hoped to gather there was actually together in one place. Particularly after an evening where our plans hadn't all worked out too well (a combination of darcydodo and pseudomonas getting back later than expected from their trip, and really really bad service from the curry house where we were trying to eat, exacerbated by the fact that there was only one mobile phone between a dozen of us in multiple different locations). New A said I sounded as if I was on drugs, I was so ecstatically happy. The icecream was, of course, good too. They had 'Greek yoghurt' flavoured icecream as a special, and while the concept of yoghurt flavoured icecream is a little odd, the reality was absolutely delicious. And hey, icecream instead of supper on occasion is no bad thing.

Going back to darcydodo's parents' flat so dog tired that I really felt in danger of falling asleep while walking home. Not so much the being tired itself, as the fact that the tiredness was due to a day of the most wonderful and intense and delightful socializing! And I was too tired to even register that it was weird to be sharing a bed, sister-wise, with my ex. Even darcydodo, who of all people is used to the idea that I fall asleep quicker than most, was impressed by how short a time elapsed between my lying down in bed and my being asleep.

Punting with lethargic_man, Mr Herring, hatam_soferet, darcydodo, pseudomonas and paulbo_garvins. The last four decided they could cover SATB between them and started singing madrigals, which greatly added to the fun. lethargic_man was stubborn enough to insist on punting Cambridge-style, but since both he and pseudomonas made amusing booboos during the course of morning, I think an honourable draw can be declared on this issue. lethargic_man managed to get the punt pole jammed on a low bridge, while pseudomonas lost his footing and stepped into the water while trying to hold the punt against the bank. The reason he was trying to do this was to allow hatam_soferet to go ashore to collect feathers for exciting scribal purposes. Also a funny little bug, bright green, just like the hammerheaded ones that Escher draws.

darcydodo rejoining Corpus choir temporarily, and the choir singing / busking in Blackwells, meaning that lethargic_man got a chance to hear Darcy singing without having to go into the chapel. OK, so all that madrigal stuff (with a pinch of church music thrown in for good measure) isn't really lethargic_man's thing, but he was able to get a taste of a very good example of it in a fairly informal setting, which is cool. And hatam_soferet was most evil and put a note (appropriately calligraphed in a period hand) in their collection box saying If ye will goe away, I will give ye six pence.

A delightfully lazy afternoon in Merton garden. Seeing taimatsu along with some people who turned out to be dreamingchristi and borusa. They also turned out to know lots and lots of people who know lethargic_man who made one of the most impressive plays I've seen in non-Jewish geography for a long time, including an ex and a former housemate of dreamingchristi's. Ending up in a snuggleheap with my three best friends, made even more wonderful because lethargic_man was also involved. I can't describe how happy I am that he's becoming one of 'us'; it's far more than simply 'he gets on with my friends'. (On a less happy note, integrating Mr Herring into our circle is proving something of an uphill struggle. Geography's preventing us from spending much time with him and hatam_soferet really doesn't help, but he seems to feel excluded by our closeness despite our best efforts to make him welcome.)

Hanging out briefly at Thuggish Poet's place (he has somehow managed to get himself a very swanky address, just a couple of steps up Cowley Road from the Plain). It's a very studenty house, complete with kitchen piled high with weeks of washing up, and maths notes hanging out to dry after an accident with beer, and a bunch of more or less random people smoking joints, drinking and arguing about the meaning of life. It was lovely to see Thuggish poet relaxed in his own environment. Wandering up Cowley Road during the carnival, being offered random cups of tea and chickpeas and giggling at the strange costumes and being nearly deafened by a cacophony of all kinds of music from all over the world and people having fun noisily.

Being kissed when I was hot and tired and sweaty and grimy and sunburnt and stressed and generally looking like I'd never made it through adolescence. Realizing that I'd not in fact lost darcydodo's parents' key after all.

A tasty and comfortable supper in the Nosebag with darcydodo and lethargic_man, and M and I eating from eachother's plates in true couply fashion. Curling up with darcydodo and trying to cram several weeks' worth of girly gossip into the last half hour before I had to leave to catch my bus home, and with her parents wandering in and out.

Seeing so many of my friends in such a short time. And bumping into some people I hadn't specifically planned to see, but who are cool anyway made it even more fun. So yay taimatsu, paulbo_garvins, midnightmelody, DK, DL, TB, AM, Thuggish Poet's girlfriend, and MP. The latter made a comment on a journal post of mine by relaying it via midnightmelody, which amused me considerably.

And yes, I know it will come back with renewed vigour, but just for these few days, we had geography beaten into submission, and that feels good.

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