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Talented brother


... to Screwy who got his exam results today. He got a 2:1 (in Philosophy from Sussex, if you didn't know that).

Now, getting a university degree is something of an achievement anyway. And this is a good degree as these things are judged. But in Screwy's case, it's a real personal achievement as well as an academic one. You hear of lots of people who get degrees in difficult circumstances, but Screwy has overcome bigger obstacles than most to get to this point.

A lot of people thought he wouldn't make it. Or rather, they would have been terribly understanding and not thought any the worse of him if he'd dropped out. But he wanted to finish his degree and he did it. I am very, very proud of him.

He's now working for RSY as an education worker. Which is absolutely the perfect job for him in many ways. He wants to get into youth work professionally, so it will be great experience, and he's also been volunteering with the movement since he was a young teenager. He's working with friends doing something that he's hugely idealogically committed to. So yay, generally life is going well for him, and he very much deserves it.

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