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Dream tag

Well, I don't normally dream-blog; apart from the fact that my dreams are not usually fascinating, I have a hard enough time keeping abreast of my waking life without trying to record dreams as well. But I saw a rather cute game when I was surfing my friends of friends which tickled me enough that I felt moved to play. The idea is that if someone blogs about a dream involving you, you are dream tagged until you dream about someone else on your friends list and mention it in your own journal. Then the next person is 'it' until they tag someone else.

Shortly after I saw this post, rysmiel dream tagged me. And I reckoned I had a good chance, given that my friends list includes several of my dearest friends as well as my boyfriend, people I think about a great deal. And indeed I did dream about lethargic_man soon after I saw the game described.

We were in a rather random large house somewhere in Pembrokeshire, making plans to go punting across the country to Cambridge. (No, my subconscious isn't very good at geography either!) The house was full of people, mostly my family, but also various of their friends, who did not want to give us any privacy. So we were stealing surprisingly erotic kisses when people's backs were turned.

By the time we came to set off, we had changed the plan and were going to kayak rather than punting. Unfortunately, lethargic_man miscalculated and started heading due west rather than rounding the promontory (St Anne's Head maybe, but I'm not sure that it is really in the place where my dream located it) and turning east. I was trying to get his attention, but he was going very fast and was quite a bit ahead of me, and shouting across water is never a very effective means of communicating. Since viewpoint is not always rigorous in dreams, I knew that he was ignoring me because he thought I was concerned about the fact that we were in kayaks instead of punts. This was very frustating because I knew perfectly well we couldn't punt up the Bristol Channel...

Well, I don't know if that gives you any deep insight into my psyche, but it tags lethargic_man (who is probably above playing this sort of silly game so the tag won't get any further).

And I forgot to mention in my post about my wildly busy week that one evening, I found a woman sitting on a doorstep crying, just outside my flat. Something inspired me to go and ask if I could help. I was a bit nervous that her problem was going to require me to get more involved than I was easily prepared for, but in fact it turned out that she had such excruciating stomach pains that she couldn't make it across town to her home. So I ran home, fetched my phone and helped her call an ambulance. She really did need a lot of help; I gave her the phone and stood aside so that she wouldn't feel I was eavesdropping on her giving medical information, but she started out by not being sure which service to call and kept referring the questions she was asked to me, so she clearly wanted me to prompt her. She gave her DOB as 1976; it's a bit scary that there are adults who don't know how to call an ambulance in an emergency. Fair enough, she was in pain and so not at her best, but even so her intelligence and world knowledge seemed shockingly limited.

This is a story without an ending; it maybe that I saved this stranger's life by being in the right place at the right time and getting her to hospital quickly, or it maybe that I wasted NHS resources by calling out an ambulance for someone with indigestion or unusually bad period pains, but too stupid to know better. (I did think about calling a taxi and accompanying her to the hospital, but I had no way of knowing how ill she was and wanted her to get medical attention as quickly as possible.) Then again, maybe she's the Messiah.

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