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More brotherly achievement

Following on from my report of Screwy's exam success, Thuggish Poet also got some good exam results. (Oxford are sloooow at getting marks out to graduands.) Anyway, Thuggish Poet got a 2:1 in English. Yay him! I have a feeling he may have been shooting for a First, but hey, he's done well anyway. Many congratulations to him!

This marks the end of the era in which all four of us were simultaneously pursuing Higher education. Scary thought, hey?
While I'm at it, a couple of posts from my friends list that are worth reading: casby has a really interesting piece on things people find offensive, particularly with reference to insensitivity or downright prejudice towards trans people. (The post that started the dicussion is friends locked so I can't link to that, but casby's post is very thought-provoking in its own right.)

And on a completely different topic, sampiano and hmw26 and anyone else who is a secret BBC computer fan will probably be interested in lethargic_man's most recent post about using computers to play music and other cool stuff.

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