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PSA: useful site feature

This comment aggregator looks like it's going to be nearly as useful as a friends page. I'm not quite sure what the status of it is, if it's an official feature or if it's still under development or what; it's not documented at all. Anyway, very useful tool assuming it stays around.

Particularly since right now comment emails are not being sent consistently. The unofficial word is that this problem may be fundamentally unfixable, though people are trying.

Things to note:
  • It's kind of limited for free users (only ten most recent comments).
  • It lists only comments you've made and comments in your own journal. There's a view held among the senior geeks that being able to get a list of anyone else's comments is a privacy violation, even if the individual comments are public anyway. So it's almost certainly not going to be extended into a really useful feature of aggregating comments from any user you're interested in.
  • There may one day be a feature that would allow you to get a notification whenever anything updates that you're interested in, but that's very much in the pipeline and at a 'don't hold your breath' level of development.
I think this could possibly be the first step to making LJ more like the good aspects of Usenet.

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