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Misc notes

I got to spend some time with rysmiel this week. Dundee is really not reasonably on the way from Glasgow to Liverpool, so I very much appreciated the effort it took to make this happen. rysmiel is very cool and very cuddly, both of which I knew, but it's still very pleasant to experience these things first-hand! *bounce*
My home computer has gone to be repaired and slightly souped up, so that I can write and back up my thesis reliably. I really hope I'll get it back soon, but for the time being I'm connectionless at home. I will see email and LJ but probably won't be in much of a position to reply to anything in any detail or very quickly. If anyone wants to phone me this is probably a good time, since the phoneline will be free for once.
Several computers on the university network have been infected with a virus (this is the kind of thing that happens when there are a lot of clueless users on a network, but there is some reason to believe this may be a deliberate attack). Anyway, in consequence, please don't open attachments that originate or appear to originate from the domain without checking with the apparent sender first. In particular, be alert to apparent bounce messages including a .txt or a .zip claiming to be the original message, since those are in fact viral executables in disguise. I'm sure most of you are pretty sensible about this kind of thing anyway, but this virus seems to be a little more subtle than some.
I'm slightly regretting promising darcydodo that I'd get my warts seen to. So far the treatment is doing no good at all, and some amount of harm. Before I started the treatment I had several warts on my hands, most of which were too small to be noticeably ugly. The first time I got squirted with liquid nitrogen, it hurt at the time and all the warts were slightly sore for a couple of days afterwards. The second time (yesterday), it hurt enough that I was nearly in tears, and my hands have been quite distractingly painful since. Maybe this progression is a sign that the treatment is having an effect; I hope so. Apparently the deal is that I have to keep putting myself through this every fortnight until the warts go away; the nurse was evasive when I asked how long this was likely to take.

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