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My main email account is not working. I'm hoping this is a minor glitch and will be sorted out soon. I am afraid I'm far too dependent, both work-wise and socially, on being able to get at my email.

But if you need to contact me on a timescale of hours or days, you might be advised to use some other email address than my university one. If you don't know any of my email addresses and want to email me, for some reason, my livejournal address: [my username] [at] livejournal [dot] com currently works.

(If you need to contact me with immediate urgency, then you'll use some method more sensible than email. But you know that.)

Apart from updating my journal with exceedingly boring posts, I'm currently fantasizing about inflicting unpleasant tortures on the referee whose irrelevant and pointless criticism is about to be the cause of my spending the rest of this evening counting cells in order to prove that the criticism is irrelevant and pointless. I think on the whole it's a good thing that the peer review process is anonymous.

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