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... to LC, whose boyfriend finally asked her to marry him, after I don't know how many months of hinting on her part. *bounce*

Backstory: LC is one of the people who, along with me and RB, ran J-soc for most of the time I've been here. I know darcydodo and lethargic_man at least have met her, I'm not sure who else has. She's a lovely, lovely person, and has lived with me for a bit when she needed emergency accommodation.

Anyway, in the time I've known her, she's ended two serious relationships because the person wasn't someone she was in a position to marry, which is in no way a pleasant situation to be in. Then all of a sudden her love-life took a turn for the better: she got back together with her childhood sweetheart! They'd fallen madly in love when they were 18 (ten years ago or thereabouts) and dated for a year or so then, but had decided to split up since the relationship was getting too intense considering their young ages. And they've both been secretly pining for eachother since, and now they're finally back together and they're the sweetest couple ever!

However much they wanted to get married then and there, they were sensible enough to take time to get to know eachother again and confirm that they are still just as much in love as when they were teenagers and make a sensible, adult decision about it. And they're totally compatible in every way, exactly matching ideas about children and stuff, and he's Jewish, and both their parents approve of the match, and it's all wonderful.

They're getting married in August, and LC (who is a northerner through and through) is going to move to London to be with her man. If that's not true love I don't know what is! However much the conventional het-mono-romantic model of relationships is restrictive if you try to force it to fit everyone, when it does work it's very lovely to watch.

There are several interesting discussions about religion going on in the comments to this old post of mine; it was revived when pw201 plugged it in his journal. So go and check it out (and do feel free to contribute) if you're at all interested.

I'm also happy because I got a letter today from PM, someone I love dearly but don't communicate with nearly enough due to geography issues. She is doing well, has a new grandchild and several new houses, and is flitting between Italy and Manchester. And I am so, so happy to hear from her again.

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