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Civic duties

Firstly, kudos to everybody who got out there and voted in the currently ongoing US election. I didn't post saying that people ought to vote, though I do believe voting is an obligation, because I felt it wasn't my place to preach. The more so when many extremely committed and upright citizens have expressed irritation at being subjected to constant nagging to vote.

Of course, there's no real reason to listen to me on this one, but I would urge people who are emotionally involved in the outcome of the election not to despair yet. And I'm thinking supportive thoughts in all your directions.

Secondly, I learnt today that I have been called for jury service. There's probably not going to be a better time in my life to do it than now; the most likely outcome is that it will delay my finishing my PhD by a couple of weeks or not at all if I end up not having to serve. I don't need to organize cover for myself at work, I can afford it financially, and I won't even have the inconvenience of having to interrupt experiments to attend court, since I'm not really doing many experiments.

As the child of two lawyers, I've always found the legal system fascinating. That adds up with a general sense of being glad to do something to promote values I care about at minimal cost to myself, so that I'm really rather pleased to have this opportunity. I think I shall likely enjoy the service too; meeting new people and thinking about problems I wouldn't otherwise engage with, and expressing myself clearly and cogently to a group are all prospects that appeal.

However, the downside of this is that I've made some vague plans to be in England the weekend of the 27th November. It ain't gonna happen now, given I'm called for 25th and I have no idea whether or not I'll be available on the Friday to travel, and neither can I make plans that might interfere with being in court first thing Monday morning. I'm not really prepared to spend upwards of 20 hours travelling for less than two full days in England, let alone that this would involve travelling on shabbat which I'm trying to avoid.

Many apologies, therefore, to lethargic_man, pseudomonas, my parents and especially LC, whose engagement party I shall miss as a result of this. I want to see you guys, I'm just a bit stuck on the practicalities. I'm aiming for doseybat's party, assuming I don't end up serving for an inordinately long time. So, swings and roundabouts; I'd thought I probably wouldn't make it to the party due to it falling so close to LC's engagement party.

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