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Meme: How my journal became

From rysmiel, cos the questions seem interesting.

My username is livredor because when I started I wanted to use the journal as a kind of commonplace book combined with a livre d'or (visitors' book). The focus was going to be as a booklog, so something mentioning books also seemed apt. I explain all this in more detail on my website; hmw26 expresses a very similar idea much more cogently and with cool links.

My subtitle is száztízezerszáztíz. It's the Hungarian word for 110,110, and I like the pattern of letters rather than it having any particular significance. pthalogreen taught me the word. In theory I change my subtitle, but I've not yet thought of a better one so it's been fixed for a while.

My displayed name is not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al because one can never have too many bad sheep puns. My real name means ewe lamb in Hebrew (honestly, some parents!) And I suppose because individuality is something I value highly.

My friends page is called dyverse absurdytes and abuses because I came across the phrase in the museum in Norwich and it seemed apt. I change my friends page title quite a lot, whenever I come on a short phrase that sounds cool and vaguely relevant to a collection of miscellaneous interesting pieces of writing. Previously it was afflicted with language and ignorance which is a line from Zelazny's Lord of Light. And I can't remember what it was before that.

My default userpic is a caricature of myself, based on the identikit app at Saw You (though they're everywhere now, MSN seem to have licensed the same system). I modified it quite a lot though, adding the plait which I drew by "hand" in Photoshop, and the teapot motif which I stole from Google images, because it wouldn't be me unless tea was involved. Oh, and it's purple because I love that colour, and when I was a kid my ambition was to dress entirely in purple, which I sometimes do, though not all the time because that would be silly. I wanted to give an idea of what I actually look like, and be recognizable to people who already know me, without using a photo (I now do use a photo for another of my icons, in fact; I've since become more relaxed about the whole issue).

lethargic_man is on his way here and should arrive in a couple of hours, yay! I'm off to make us supper for both of us.

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