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Travel plans

I'm going to be away, mostly visiting my parents, from Thursday evening (9 December) to Monday afternoon (20 December). Email should reach me within a couple of days; if you need to get hold of me more urgently than that, try phoning my parents. (I'm assuming that anyone who's likely to need to speak to me urgently knows my parents' phone number, and failing that, they certainly know my surname and can therefore find my parents in the phone book.) I may occasionally check into LJ but shan't be hanging around here much. I'll miss you guys.

Plans for the week include: time with lethargic_man and pseudomonas, doseybat's party, and the weekend of 17-19 at Hengrave (yay!) Mostly I'm going to be working during the day; I want to see how far I can get through the remainder of my thesis just by blitzing on the writing. I'm aiming to socialize a bit in the evenings though. If anyone is vaguely in the Cambridge area and would like to meet up, let me know and something may be workable. May also find myself in London at some point.

I really need a change in routine, and time with some of my people. And I finally committed myself to Hengrave because I realized that I was absolutely panicking at the thought of missing it again.

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