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I've had a wonderful week away, and now I'm back in Dundee, and back on LJ. I've caught up with my flist at least approximately (but do point me to anything you really want me to see). And I have teeeeeeeea.

Apologies to all the fascinating strangers who were so kind as to join in my discussion on feminism; I have a bad habit of locking posts where I detail my movements, until I get back, so it must have looked to you as if I'd abandoned the discussion in the middle. I am planning to come back to it, though.

  • doseybat's party
  • Hanging out with lethargic_man
  • *mumble mumble* stuff I'm not going to preempt talking about until I actually talk about it
  • Seeing my brothers
  • Hanging out with compilerbitch
  • Hengrave
  • Photos (once I get them into a web-ready state)
  • Squillions of book reviews

Also, apologies to pseudomonas and neonchameleon for not following through on plans to meet up. The week ended up being shorter than I'd realized it was. And to darcydodo for my failure to be available when you phoned.

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