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Reasons why I like today's experiments:
  • It's one more step towards finally finishing this PhD; all being well I think I have somewhat less than 2 more experiments to do.
  • Lots of ice, the very large majority of which was used for entirely sensible and scientific purposes.
  • Being alone in the lab so there was no-one to wonder what happened to the rest of the ice.
Reasons why I don't like today's experiments:
  • Being alone in the lab so there was no-one to talk to during the boring bits.
  • I'm not finding anything new, just 'confirming' stuff I've already shown but not proved.
  • Tiny fiddly little 100 µl eppies, which are really too small for someone as clumsy as I am to handle.
  • The fact that it's taken somewhere over 12 hours in total (and I'm not quite finished yet), with no real break point in that time. I mean, there were 10 or 15-minute gaps where I could check my friends page and go to the loo, yes, but there was no point at which I could break to divide the protocol into two days.
Gah. I hope my social conditioning is sufficient to prevent me from biting the next person who asks me whether I've had a good Christmas.

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