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I thought I'd post the best of the crop my attempts at taking photos of sunsets and other interesting lighting conditions when I was in England mid-December:

link to photos of sunsets

I've included with this lot, though it doesn't quite fit, a photo I took of Dundee when lethargic_man was here in November:

photo of Dundee at sunset

Also, a couple of photos of my parents' place:

link to photos of my parents' house

Theoretically, you should only be able to see those if you're on my friends list, but I'm not sure how well the security is working. Anyway, the main claim to fame of that house is that Rupert Brooke (who was a regular visitor) described it in his diary as a "castellated mansion", and I think these photos show that quite well. Well, the other claim to fame is that the Macaulays lived there, but they are quite limitedly famous compared to Brooke!
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