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Year in review 2004

I'm not keen on the standard end of year meme that's doing the rounds. I think my answers would be boring, or inappropriate, or predictable. So I'm making my own variation.

  • Sisters of Mercy. I can't pick out a particular song, but in 2004 I finally got round to buying A slight case of overbombing, and in 2004 I was badly earwormed with A rock and a hard place during a Significant Moment, and in 2004 rysmiel gave me a tape of a Sisters concert which is just the coolest thing ever!
  • Beth Orton: Someone's daughter. It was in 2003 that lethargic_man got me into Beth Orton, but it was in 2004 that I bought Trailer Park and got obsessed with this one as well as She cries your name.
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall, particularly Comfortably Numb
  • Tindersticks: Milky Teeth (and various other Tindersticks stuff)
  • All About Eve: The Pearl Fishermen

LJ posts
My posts
Most prolific commenters in ascending order (These are the people who had commented the most by the end of 2004, not strictly the people who commented the most during 2004, cos the LJ interface makes it hard to collect data over a specified period rather than the whole history of your journal.)

People I'm really glad I got to know better (Yes, I know that's six, not five. Deal.)

People I already loved who continued to be wonderful (My immediate family is another six people, and they were just as much my wonderful family in 2004 as in all the years before that.)

New additions to my friends list
Friends from other places who joined LJ
People not on LJ
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