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Head over heels

I've discovered one of the most amazing LJs ever: ozarque. She's running these really, really interesting discussions about effective communication, coming at the topic from a professional linguistics point of view. They are completely blowing my mind. It's one thing to believe that good communication is important, but she's thinking about and suggesting actual strategies for things like diffusing aggression, communicating well across cultures, communicating well online and other text-only situations. Just amazing. (Plus I'm always interested in a bit of linguistics made accessible to the lay person.) I'm completely hooked.

I originally came across ozarque via redbird, but it's only yesterday I started reading her journal properly. Thanks for the link, redbird!

Talking about effective communication, j4 is deserving of celebration for saying sensible things in the middle of a flame war of the sort where too much fluff in the atmosphere leads to the situation being more explosive than when there are direct attacks. I'm not linking because a) it's drama and b) part of the flame war is about whether it's appropriate to link to posts which are not exactly private but where there's an assumption of security through obscurity... let's not go there, hey?

D'ailleurs, je viens de faire la connaissance d'une belle française rousse qui est venue travailler dans le labo...
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