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Redirecting mis-delivered dream

The other night I had rather a sweet dream about misia. We were sitting side by side at two computers, both happily writing away at our separate projects, occasionally breaking off to give eachother an encouraging word or smile. It was the kind of hot, slightly muggy weather that makes clothes feel like a deeply unfair imposition, so we weren't wearing many. After a while, the encouraging words were turning into affectionate touching, such that by the time we'd both finished what we wanted to do, we were being quite cuddly. It wasn't particularly erotic, just comfortable and friendly mostly. Though it is the case, and I was aware of it in the dream, that misia is unreasonably gorgeous and half of LJ crushes on her.

Much as I appreciate having a dream about my thesis that does not involve stress or angst, I think this one would probably be more apt for someone like rysmiel. Or maybe pthalogreen. So in the interests of returning lost property, I'm putting it here.

I am so very glad to have my journal and friends list back! It's quite scary just how hard I found it to get through a weekend without access. (I've also lost the comments I made last night to my previous post. There was nothing of critical importance, just generally thanking people for their comments. I have no idea whether you'll have received notifications about the missing comments, but as a general summary: lovely people, feel appreciated.)
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