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Setting the world to rights - results

Thank you for all your wonderful and thought-provoking suggestions for how to improve the general state of popular education. There were nine unique suggestions and some more from robhu and rysmiel who tried to sneak round my one suggestion only stipulation. Foolish people! Do not cross me when I give explicit warning that I'm in a mean mood.

Anyway, I promised there would be prizes, so here goes with the winners. *drumroll*

Highly commended:
Runner up:
    leora: Be the one who acts. It's extremely original, and comes with some very interesting psychological background, and it's the kind of thing where simply being told it goes a long way towards getting the desired effect. I highly recommend you read leora's comments on the issue, because you'll likely learn something.
gnimmel with All the other people are real, valid human beings too. The world would be so much a better place if this were generally understood, that I'd be quite prepared to live with general ignorance of matters scientific if I could have that. And it's deeply Utopian but she at least has the nugget of an implementation suggestion.

Congratulations, gnimmel! You are hereby awarded some LJ paid time, or an equivalent donation to a charity of your choice. Let me know.

Thank you to all who participated in such an interesting discussion. I very much like having chewy stuff to think about that isn't my thesis, at the moment. I also like the way the competition drew comments from several people who aren't regulars in my LJ; it's always nice to meet new people or hear from habitual lurkers. Yay.
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