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I have deadlines hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles, or Mt Sinai, to mix mythologies shamefully.

I had a very brief consultation with the Überboss just now. He was encouraging but vague; most of the specific advice he gave me involved how to handle the viva. I'm not scared about the viva, partly because it's six weeks away and partly because I'm fairly confident that an oral exam will show me to my best advantage. I'm scared about finishing this thesis in the space of the next few days. What I gave to Überboss D was done enough to give him an idea of what the thesis is, but I know that the final step from almost done to done always takes longer than you expect.

I have to do this stupid bloody experiment that I don't want to do at this stage in the proceedings, and that I have good reason to believe is not going to work. I'm going to have to work through purim; I don't particularly care about the festival itself but I do care about missing joining in with community activities and not spending the time with pseudomonas I was hoping to. But the prospect of getting to see pseudomonas is still cheering.

Apologies to anyone I should be communicating with right now. At this stage, I don't particularly want cheering up, I need to be left alone to fight through this last round. If you do want to send me supportive messages, please do it in a way that doesn't require a real-time reply. Main point is, I'm still here, I still love all the people I love, and I'm hoping to reemerge sometime towards the end of next week.
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