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Diary: friends and Edinburgh

Yay! I actually took a break from my thesis, and spoke to some Real People, and left not only flat but Dundee itself. I'm still scared by how much I need to get done in a very short time, but I have to say I feel a lot better for it.

pseudomonas came to visit, on his way to Armenia via Edinburgh. It was so very lovely to see him. I quite frightened myself with the extent I was acting starved of human contact, both in the sense of company and in the sense of physical touch. So we talked a lot, and cuddled a lot, and he was generally distracting and lovely and I was clingy and stressed but he was very understanding.

I kind of skipped purim, spent the day continuing to do last minute thesis stuff. Then today we went into Edinburgh to meet up with NY who is using the Easter weekend to travel. Most of the day it was foggy in the can't-see-the-other-side-of-the-street way Scottish coastal towns can sometimes get, which wasn't really ideal for tourism, but never mind. I don't think NY got the best impression of Edinburgh, but it was still fun to spend time with her.

We had lunch in Kalpna, who were doing their lunchtime buffet which is delicious and extremely good value. Yay for curry that actually has flavours beyond fenugreek and low-grade chilli powder. We spent most of the afternoon in the delightful Museum of Scotland. We went through the Royal Museum to get there, and the Millennium clock was actually working, which I'd never seen before, and there were random early music troupes wandering around with period costumes and instruments, and generally fun. We mainly explored the section dealing with the early history of Scotland, so there was some Celtic art (including part of the Lewis chess-set which I hadn't realized was in Scotland at all) and some opportunities for linguistics geeking and lots of interesting stuff.

Tea and cake in The Elephant House, where the food is delicious and the ambience delightful, but it's rather spoiled by being extremely smoky. Blah. Last time I was there it was summery enough that they had all the windows open, so I didn't notice the smoke so much.

By the time we got out the weather had cleared up enough that just wandering around looking at pretty architecture was doable, though it still wasn't lovely weather. NY is excellent company for touristy stuff, because she's incredibly good at doing her homework thoroughly before she visits a new town, and making sure she's well up on both the history and geography. On the other hand she wanted me to explain to her the history of Scottish relations with England (and C&C Ireland and Wales), which I'm not really up to doing very well.

I was also rather disappointed with the photos I tried to take. I was trying to get photos of bits of architectural detail, but I really haven't come up with a good way of getting my camera to do that. Anyway, I'll put the couple of photos that did come out ok up later when I get round to tidying up and webifying them.

It was tiring in the way that staying up too late catching up with a friend and then doing a lot of walking through city streets at slow tourist pace interspersed with museuming are tiring. And tiring the way that relaxing after being really really wound up is tiring. But that's ok, it's a good sort of tired. And I love pseudomonas very much.
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