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Edinburgh photos

Here are the best of the photos I took in Edinburgh last week:
100kb image Calton Hill view

Cliched (and not very good) panorama view of Calton Hill from North Bridge.
100 kb image Greyfriars Cemetery

Rather atmospheric graves and buildings in the fog.
100kb image Edinburgh Castle

A slightly less cliched view of the castle, looking up from Greyfriars.
100kb image City streets

Random Edinburgh streets, gothed up a bit cos I felt like it.

And a shot of a magnolia in Castle Gardens I'm quite proud of:
150kb image
The full size version is really pretty and I've been using it as a background, but I'm not posting it because it's huge. Anyone who wants it is welcome though.

(I used the automatic post to journal function from the LJ gallery for this post. It's not ideal, and I end up editing half the auto-generated HTML, but I suppose it's marginally faster when I want to post a whole collection of images.)
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