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I feel a bit embarrassed about panicking to quite the extent I did earlier. Still scared but no longer convinced I'm going to fail and ruin my life. Thank you for all your supportive comments and helpful advice. I'm tempted to go and reply to them all but that would blatantly be displacement.

Stuff that is done (I mean, really really done, not 'almost done' like it's been all week):
  • The introduction
  • The discussion
  • 2 results chapters
Stuff that needs only fiddly bits:
  • 2 more results chapters
  • materials and methods
  • bibliography
Stuff that isn't done:
  • Formatting for submission (should be fairly quick, it's just converting to .rtf and double spacing, mostly)
  • Contents page
  • acknowledgements (can I thank my LJ flist for keeping me sane?)
  • pagination stuff (might be a bit of a pain but shouldn't be impossible)
  • Converting figures from Powerpoint to sensible format (from past experience this could be more difficult than it ought to be. Or maybe the printer will take Powerpoint files? I'm a bit reluctant to trust Powerpoint, but if I get more desperate this is a place where I can cut corners)

I only need to soft bind for this stage. It may be that I can actually get away with printing everything out myself (from work, obviously) and taking a big thick pile of paper to the printer and asking them to fix it in a cover. This could potentially save time. Or maybe, with modern technology and all, I can just give the printer a CD, go out for a celebratory icecream and come back in a couple of hours?

Now I need food. Love you all. (Oh, and the workmen have gone away. They have left a horrible mess, but this is a non-urgent problem.)
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