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state of the Liv

So. It's a little before half past nine at night. I've worked through pretty much solidly from 5 this morning. (I don't do all-nighters, not even when pretty much everything is in the balance; I know from experience I get more done by sleeping for 6 hours and then working for 2, than trying to bash through for 8.)

Good things:
  • The thesis is really done except for finalizing the pagination, which I can't face at the moment.
  • I ran into the wife of my convener (who is herself the convener for the other two PhD students, S&S), and she says the Friday deadline is not as absolute as I thought it was when I was panicking. As long as the appropriate people get their copies sometime next week, it's all fine. There's no reason on earth this won't happen.
  • Apparently the way forward with preliminary copies is to print stuff out on lab computers, and take a big wodge of paper to the print shop who will bind it either immediately or the next day. This saves me a lot of headaches.
  • I'm not dead. I'm not gonna fail unless the thesis is really sub-par, which in all honesty I don't think it is.
Bad things:
  • The thesis is still not at the printers.
  • I've been awake for 19 hours and counting and not eaten for 9. My hands are killing me and I'm generally a wreck. There aren't enough hours between now and tomorrow to recover from what I've done to myself.
  • Microsoft Office sucks even more than I already realized it did. I won't bore you with the details of how many ways this stupid bloody program has messed me around today and made a long and painful process vastly worse.
  • Partly related to the above, I suspect printing out the figures is going to be more than a matter of just clicking 'print'.
The last section of my acknowledgements says:
The crowd at the Livre d’Or for keeping me sane.
MF, unanima mea soror
Thank you so much for all the comfort and advice and rooting for me, in the past couple of days especially but really ever since I joined LJ. (The slightly cryptic reference to my LJ friendslist is because I don't want the examiners to find this journal with creative googling. But I mean you guys.)
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