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Minor annoyances

Things that are annoying me right now:
  • My work email seems to have died.
  • My CivII game is beset by a really pointless but costly stalemate of a border war.
  • A potentially interesting discussion chez ozarque on gendered language and religion has degenerated into people making really ignorant statements about Hebrew names for God which I can't even be bothered to correct. Frankly, a discussion that starts out being about Judeo-Christian theology is probably not going in the fruitful directions I'd hope for.
  • It has taken me about 6 hours to do some really simple clerical tasks, and as a result I'm too late to return my bookies to the library before their due date.
And I'm posting about it because I peeved about my email dying just when I'm feeling communicative. But actually life is good in general. Wasting 6 hours and being no more than mildly irritated about it is a symptom of a very happy state, I feel.
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