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Travelling: London

I was so busy getting excited about my dramatic haircut that I forgot to write about going to London to see lethargic_man on Wednesday.

Since it was the middle of Passover, we couldn't easily eat out, so we fixed on bringing matza sandwiches and stuff for a picnic. lethargic_man suggested Regents Park, as a nice place that's convenient from his work and for me to reach from Liverpool Street. We were a bit worried that it would rain; there's very little to do in central London at 7 pm on a rainy weekday that doesn't involve eating. But the weather continued in its habit of being kind to us, so that was fine.

We had a really lovely evening, talking about random things and catching up with all the detail of eachother's lives from the week or so since we managed to talk. And we made eachother laugh and admired the pretty sunset and breathed in the intense floral smell of a spring evening. And enjoyed all the waterbirds; there's a very cool creature called a ruddy duck, (which really sounds like a euphemism), which has the most fantastic bright turquoise beak.

Now we've got the tricky first meeting since we split up over with, things can only improve from here. It was a lot less bad than I was expecting, that side of things. There was a little bit of figuring out how to hug in a manner appropriate to the current situation, and I don't think I was quite as careful about my eyes as I was about my words. But no significant awkwardness to detract from a generally enjoyable and happy evening. The only real annoyance is geography, but that was annoying when we were going out, and it's annoying in pretty much all my relationships, even those that have never been in the least romantic.

I am extremely lucky in my friends.

Today is the sixth day, with no weeks yet completed, of the Omer
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