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Amazingly happy

I don't think I fully realized until last night how incredibly happy I am. I got everything finally sorted for my trip to America, which means I get to see lots of lovely people who live far away from me (and meet some new people, hopefully). And dealing with the travelling was a minor background stress which isn't there any more. I realize that I thanked pezstar in a locked post which she can't see, so I'm thanking her again publicly here.

Then I wrote a group email to all my friends who don't read LJ, including some whom I haven't been properly in touch with recently, telling them I'd got my PhD. So now all the important people know, it feels real. And more excitingly than that, I got lots of nice emails back and I'm now in touch with people I was not exactly in touch with. PM wrote to me, and not with vague expressions of goodwill, but with concrete plans to meet up next month. So I really really need to get my act together and get myself back to Cambridge within the next few weeks. But wow, it will be so, so lovely to see PM again.

On top of this, I recently got a card from a penfriend from my childhood who has managed to track me down after I don't know how many years. So my life is even fuller of wonderful people than I thought it was, yay internet.

As a sign of just how happy I am, when I got to sleep I had . A combination of strange political circumstances led to the UK becoming a republic with my sister as President. The US electorate was inspired by this extraordinary occurence to realize they didn't necessarily have to choose one of two party appointees, so they had a mass popular movement to throw Bush out of office and appoint redbird as their new President.

P'tite Soeur was having the time of her life running the UK and vastly improving the quality of national life with her common sense approach. redbird was a initially a bit miserable though, because she was so harassed by the adulation of hordes of people, all of whom wanted to do her favours and give her expensive things she didn't want in the hope of achieving some political influence. Eventually, she appointed a couple of fabulously butch women as bodyguards, and that improved her personal situation and gave her the chance to get on with actually ruling the country.

Everyone assumed the bodyguards were a couple, because obviously women with muscles = OMG teh GAY. And since one of them (rather a Shield Maiden type) had long hair and the other (an expat Scouser) short spiky hair and piercings, how could anyone avoid spotting the classical butch / femme thing? In fact, they were both entirely straight, and neither of them in the least bit femme, but they couldn't be bothered denying the stupid rumours but just quietly continued being extremely good friends.

Before appointing the bodyguards, redbird, worn down by the constant demands of her loyal subjects, had impetuously agreed to the suggestion that a commemorative garden should be planted at every place she visited. As a result, the US was slowly being transformed into a vast network of gardens and parks. redbird made a point of making Presidential Visits to all the ugliest bits of suburban jungle to be found.

P'tite Soeur went to the US on a state visit, at which point the entire world media noticed what a coincidence it was that both women have sizeable breasts. redbird wanted to make a political statement to point out that breasts are a normal part of human biology, and really, it shouldn't be that novel to have two major world leaders who happen to possess them. But P'tite Soeur was all, no, let's push through controversial reforms while everyone is distracted by our tits!

When I woke up "the pair", as they were popularly known, were busy establishing universal health care in America in between cups of tea.

OK, reality is not quite that wonderful on waking up. But my own life right now is really very wonderful indeed!

Today is the 19th day, making two complete weeks and five days of the Omer
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